Sending you a note of thanks


Sometime ago this year I made some soft clay heart shapes so that I can use them as decorations for my handmade cards and hand-bound books. At one point I kept making lots of them but I never used them until I got this idea for this thank you card.

I've ran out of thank you cards and desperately need some in stock too. I need it to give to a good friend of mine and she loves shades of brown and gold. I'm convinced that she will appreciate this card very much just because of the colours. But of course I also hope she loves the design although simple it may be. However, although it looks simple, it's pretty much time consuming to make especially the pop up part inside the card.

The gold frames I used for the cards are not store bought ones. I made them myself. It was fun making them. Now I've got an idea of how to make my own cute little frames for decorations on cards and hand-bound books. That will save me a lot of money plus making my artwork quite different from the rest. I wrapped around the frames with a gold thread. It's not real gold of course! Haha! But it sure looks expensive though! :D

For the first time too I used this rubber stamp that I got as a gift last year. I never thought I would like it this much. I didn't think much of it when I got it, but now I'm seeing it in a different new light. I love how the soft yellow chalk colour the ink pad made on the dark brown paper. It really stands out. :)

I just realised how many heart shape craft punches I have! I'm such a sucker when it comes to heart shapes. I guess I can never resist buying craft punches with that pattern. Besides it's one of the most used craft punches I've bought thus far. It's the most productive ones in my craft room. Worth the buy!! :D

I'm so glad I finally made all the thank you cards. I might make them in different colours if I have some spare time. But for now I'm happy with what I have! :) Do check out the video of the card that I made. You'll be able to see how the hearts pop up inside it! :)


CC said…
You are doing so great! Hearts are my favorite motif too! I have them everywhere! ♥
Nadiah Suhaidi said…
Boleh share dekat mana boleh dapatkan crft punch tu?
Thank you so much dear!I knew you would love them!! You are the Queen of Hearts! Hugsss!!
Nadiah Suhaidi..
Saya beli craft punch tu dekat beberapa kedai....ada beli di KL ada beli di Alor Setar....dekat Popular Bookstore, Mr DIY, Kinokuniya, More and Save dan banyak lagi kedai alat tulis yang lain....nama tak ingat huhuhu....

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