How to make a two tone quilling teddy bear

I've been thinking of making a video tutorial for a quilling teddy bear this year but I wanted the design to be different from the quilling teddy bear I've made years ago. So after taking such a long time to practice making and redesigning my quilling teddy bear for the past few weeks, I'm finally satisfied with the new design.

As you all know I have made quilling teddy bears before way back in 2010. Back then, the quilling teddy bears that I made were a bit bigger and mostly were brown in colour. Later after that I did make smaller ones but they were simpler, with loose coils and had faces that didn't even have any eyes or lips.

But for today's design, although they are small, but it's combination of the big and small quilling teddy bears.  Also, I've added something new to my quilling teddy bear design especially for the face and body. If you take the time to look at my older quilling teddy bear designs then you will be able to see the differences between the old and new. 

A lot of people have been asking me to make a video tutorial for my quilling teddy bears over the years but I never got around to doing it till now. So I hope that this video tutorial will make a lot of people happy :).

As promised, below are the measurements for the two tone quilling teddy bear:
I am using 80gsm quilling papers to make my two tone quilling teddy bear. The quilling papers were made by cutting up an A4 colour paper using a mini paper shredder. The size of each strip of paper is 3mm x 297mm.

1. For the face:
    - 5 quilling strips
    - Circle number 7

2. For the body:
    - 11 quilling strips (5 strips of soft cream colour + 6 strips of any colour).
    - Circle number 11

3. For the hands and legs:
   - 1/2 strip of any colour + 1/4 strip of soft cream colour.
   - Circle number 5

4. For the ears:
    - 1/4 strip of any colour + 1/4 strip of soft cream colour.
    - Circle number 3

5. For the cheeks and nose:
    - 1 strips of soft cream colour, cut in half and joined together + 1/2 of the 1/4 strip of black colour.
    - No need to use a circle template for this. Just roll the strips to make a tight coil.

6. For the eyes:
    - 1/2 of the 1/4 strip of black colour for each eye.
    - No need to use a circle template for this. Just roll the strips to make a tight coil.
    - Paste on top of each eye a tiny white paper dot.
    - Then finish it by pasting on top of the white paper dot with an even tinier black paper dot.
    - The tiny dots were made by using a Martha Stewart craft punch.

7. For the lips:
    - I hand cut the shape of the lips using a craft knife.
Do enjoy watching and learning how to make the two tone quilling teddy bear from my video tutorial below. Have fun quilling!! ;)


Eliza Art said…
Very, very beautiful teddy bear
*betinha* said…
Elo Azina!very nice for child's room!Kisses.
i think i can do it^^
Products: Quilling, Quilling greeting cards ...
Office & Workshop: 42 Tan Thoi Nhat 21St, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, Dist 12, HCM City, VietNam.
Thank you so much everyone for all the lovely comments!! Hugs!!! <3
Nanade said…
You are amazing! You have gifted hands, an inspiration for me! Thanks!❤️
Hi Nanade!
Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!! :)

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