Little pink and green notebooks

The first time I made mini notebooks was sometime last year. I thought I would make more after that but never really got to making any because was too busy diving into other projects. These little notebooks I made here was kinda made in a hurry because it was not something I planned to do. It's one of those spontaneous things I do sometimes for those I love.

These were for my cute little nieces. They dropped by yesterday and I had to make something for them before they went back to their hometown. I just couldn't let them leave empty handed. I have always wanted to give them something that I made myself. It gives me a lot more satisfaction than buying something from the store.

I'm so glad that they loved their gifts. Although it's just a small little gift, it's the thought that counts, some would say. They were really careful with the notebooks. Opening them up slowly and gently. They appreciate art very much and hopefully someday I'll get to teach them a thing or two about quilling. Then they can make art for others too. :)


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
they are so cute...i love it...i'll do the same if i'm ur niece...hehehe...u r a sweet aunt...i wish i could be as creative as u r...
Henrietta.....thank you so much! We are all creative in our own way dear. Keep creating and have fun! ;) <3
Eliza Art said…
Original, unique, beautiful. Regards

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