Quiling fan flower tutorial

I was just playing around with my quilling papers the other day, thinking of a new quilling flower for me to make. I guess I was getting bored of doing the same kind of quilling flowers for my cards. So I just needed a new quilling flower to try out. Something simple to do, nothing complicated and yet interesting enough for me to get excited about. But I wanted to make something I can call my own instead of making something that is taught on YouTube.

When I was in the process of making this quilling fan flower, I was actually inspired by a certain type of quilling flower I saw on the net. It was so beautiful. When I made the video tutorial for it, I wanted to mention the name of the flower that inspired me but I forgot the name. Now I remember! It was the quilled poppy flower made by Manuela Koosch. The quilled poppy flower she made was stunning!! I can't imagine making a quilling flower like that just yet. It must have been really difficult to make and time consuming too!

My flower however is of course not a poppy flower at all. But the petals of my quilling fan flower have those straight lines that are similar to the lines made in the quilled poppy flower. My lines are the same length unlike the lines of the poppy flower. SO that's one of the major differences.

Anyways, I do hope you will check out my latest video tutorial below. Learn to make a new flower today! :)


Eliza Art said…
Great to present flowers, greetings
Honey Moser said…
Such a cute flower! I know what you mean about wanting to make something that is at least partly just yours instead of just copying what others do, I like to do the same. Nice video - I am planning to start doing some video tutorials soon as well instead of just photos.
Eliza Art.....thank you so much! :)

Honey Moser....thank you so much! Wonderful! Have fun making your video tutorials! All the best!
Nita nitoska said…
Ets la meva preferida fent filigranes !! Petonets
Anys Hazwanie said…
kak lin, beautiful flowers. =)


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