Eid Mubarak pop up mosque card


This year we will be celebrating our Eid in mid July. I'm starting early this year with my Eid cards because I don't want to rush making them last minute like before. I'm allocating more time for my Eid cards this time around. But still no custom orders as planned. I still prefer making ready stock ones so that I have more time to complete other projects.

If you have been following my work in the past years you would know that I love using the weaving technique for my Eid cards. It all started with my favourite subject matter which is the Ketupat. I used to make Eid cards that was embellished with Ketupat. The Ketupat was made using ribbons that I weaved by hand. And the common colours I picked are usually shades of green. That's why for this card I did the weaving technique for the front design. So the whole page of the card is embellished by the weaved ribbons. So instead of weaving ketupat, I decided to weave the whole front page of the card. Just trying something new for a change :).

For this card I specifically picked the colour green and white as the main colours because it's the Prophet Muhammad's favourite colours.  I still have a lot of left overs of green ribbons from last year's ketupat card design. So I used them up for this new design. It's simple....just weave different shades of ribbons and embellished them with some rhinestones.

Since I'm more focused on making pop ups cards this year, I  decided to try making my own pop up mosque for my Eid cards. This is the first time that I've tried making it and to my surprise I managed to do it. Seriously I never thought I could. It was a struggle in the beginning to draw up the shape and details and choosing the right type of mechanics for the pop up. But I'm glad I gave it a try. If I didn't, I would have never known that I could.

I might do different shades of the same design or I might just stick to this colour combination. It depends. If there is a demand, I might just do it. The important thing is to have fun making it :D.Do check out the video of the card below and see how the mosque pops up in the card. :)


Yu Yun said…
smart lah kad raya ni....
Yu Yun.....terima kasih!! :)

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