On Your Wedding Day swing card


Initially, I didn't intend on making a wedding card. I wanted to make a birthday card. But when I was decorating the lattice on the card, I suddenly visualized a couple of butterflies resting on it and then it struck to me that the card would be suitable as a wedding card instead.

You know how much I love swing cards by now as I have been making a lot of them for the past couple of years. And one of the things that I've always wanted to do is to do a lattice pattern on the mid section of the card. Since I don't have any die-cut patterns of lattice or anything of the sort that looks like it available at hand, that means that I had to make one myself. So the simplest way of doing it is by drawing it on the card and cutting them out by hand.

I gotta say that I had fun cutting the lattice out and decorating it with strings and punched out shapes of flowers and leaves, although I do have another idea or a way of cutting it now by hand which I will try to do later on in future but I still love this lattice pattern just the same. 

I have always loved the Martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly pattern....but I rarely use the butterflies on my cards. So much so that I thought it was a waste to have bought it and yet I don't always use it. I definitely need to use it more often. So for this card, it was really suitable for the butterflies and so I added a pair of antennas to each of the butterflies since they didn't have any.  I loved how they turned out in the end.

There are a lot of bling bling on the card itself......inside out. Anywhere I thought it would be suitable, I would paste them.  I'm having fun with them! Will use more of them in other cards soon. They are so fancy schmancy! Hahaha! :D Do check out the video of the card below. You'll be able to see how the lattice swing around with the butterflies :).


Dr Sonia S V said…
The lattice looks so beautiful
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts Kids Projects
Eliza Art said…
Very beautiful!!!!!!!!

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