Just for you on this new year :)

Hope it's not too late for me to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone!! How's the new year been for everybody so far? Really good I hope....at least for me it's been a good start. I want to do my best to focus on good health and enjoying life as it comes. Don't want to stress myself too much. Last year was a really stressful year for me. So for this year, hopefully, more fun will come my way :D.

It's been a while since I last posted a handmade card design on this blog. I kept posting too much of handmade books. So I'm excited today to share a new card design here for the first time this year. It's a simple swing card design with a simple quilling flower arrangement on the front cover.

I haven't been quilling that much last year. Just some small projects done on quilling because most of the time I would be spending on making quilling starter packs instead. So it was a little exciting to do the quilling flower arrangement even though it was a simple one.

I love the huge wooden button because the design on the button was perfect for the pattern paper I chose for the card. It was a perfect match! It's not always that you can find two patterns of different material that compliments each other really well. So I had to add that button to the card. :)

I really like the olive green colours and how it combines really well with brown and other warm colours of the pattern paper. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling to it. This card can be used as a birthday card or a card for any occasion for that matter. And quite suitable to be given to a girl or a lady :).

More cards coming soon in shaa Allah......:)


Eliza Art said…
Very beautiful. Happy New Year
suhailah hamid said…
Cantik kad2 di atas. Pn lin mmg kreatif..
KT Fit Kitty said…
Gorgeous card! Love the vibrant colours! Beautiful quilling too!
Grace to You said…
Happy New Year, dear Lin!

love from across the pond,
Happy New Year Sandi! I'm sure you can recognize the paper used for making this card....it was from you! <3

Love you too,
Thank you so much Eliza Heart! Happy New Year to you too! <3
Suhailah...terima kasih banyak2 :)
KT Fit Kitty....thank you so much...I'm so glad that you liked it! <3
Grace to You said…
Oops, Lin...I was writing a comment and I opened another window so I could get a link for you and when I came back my comment was gone...I'm not sure if it went through or not. Just in case it didn't, I was just saying I love the dark olive paper with the bright pops of color and I love how you used it - it's so fun seeing what you do!

The link I wanted to give you is to a card that I saw recently...it's so unique and it looked like something you would do. It's a screen divider card but they cut it to make it pop up. Here's the link:

Do post if you try it!

happy Thursday to you, dear -
Dear Sandi...
I wonder if you realised that the dark olive pattern paper is the paper you gave me some time ago? I still have lots of pattern paper that has yet to be used! Many of which I love! I love using the papers you gave me. They are all so beautiful :)

Wow....that screen card is very pretty! I must make time to make one this year! Thank you so much for the idea! Hope you had a great Thursday!

Grace to You said…
Yes, I recognized the paper. :) I love it too, but I love even more seeing what you did with it.

Do you think the screen card would be hard to do?

Awwww thank you Sandi :).

I think the screen card is not that difficult to do. I haven't tried it yet but I have already seen the tutorial at youtube and at some other blogs. I haven't the chance to try it yet, but will give it try soon :)


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