Card in a box #3


You must be thinking.....hmmmmm.....this design looks familiar, right? Well, of course it does because it's the same design I made for my first card in a box card last month. The only difference is the colour of the box which I had to change because my customer wanted a card that is in a red and black combination.

Actually I didn't have a red and black pattern paper with a similar design of stars on it. So I had to create my own with the red and black paper. The stars were handcut and pasted on the card one by one. Slow process but at least I get to do a similar pattern as the original design.

I also ran out of the 3D pop up stickers. Huhhuhu!!! So sad about that. The shop never restock them. Searched every where in Alor Setar but couldn't find it. So if anyone were to order this card again, I would have to figure out a replacement for those 3D pop up stickers.

I really enjoyed making card in a box.....they are so much fun! Do check out the video I made of this card. You can see how it opens up. Thank you! ;)


Eliza Art said…
A beautiful birthday box, greet
CC said…
Lin! The card IS a present! So wonderful! You have so much patience! Love your work!
KT Fit Kitty said…
I really like your card in a box! I made my first one last month. Great idea to use the stickers - too bad you can't find them any more. I hate that - I have had the same problem myself!

Wishing you a lovely day!
sue k said…
Great card in a box, I made my first one yesterday. I was suprised how easy it really is. Great elements, I like the way you did your buttons.

souvenir flanel said…
Rahmawati Nurul Fajar +628.777.012.5553
riliska said…
Very bright job!
Shylaa Shree said…
lin it is a faboulous project, loved all elements

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