My own DIY slotted quilling tool

Just a few days ago I was thinking of making my own slotted quilling tools. At first it was just for fun....(as if I didn't have enough quilling tools in my collection already! hehehehehe).....yes I have plenty of different designs of slotted quilling tools but the curiosity to find out how to make a slotted quilling tool just wouldn't go away . I made some using some old pens and a needle like the photo you see below.

But then, the obsession to make better ones came. Of course the minute that thought came to mind, I had to think of ways of doing it and I came up with the design that you see at the first two photos above. As you can see, the handle of the tool is plastic and it is filled with gold and silver glitters. I just love the effect! 

I even made some using beads like the ones below. I simply had fun making them! I used all the beads that I have in my collection. I haven't been using them for a long time and I thought it would be cool to try it out for the slotted quilling tool.

So what do you think? ;)


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
wow...they are cute....
Anjali Reddy said…
Wow..that's amazing..Really loved those glitter slotted needle tools
hikhik...kreatif betul!!! cantik pun cantik..leh jual tu kak Lin, mesti ada yg berminat!
Shylaa Shree said…
lovely tools noor. nice colour combo too
Eliza Art said…
Hello, very cleverly done, I salute
Nanade said…
I loved it. Here in Canada we don't have meny options of quilling stuffs. Can you teach us how to do this adorable slotted quilling tools? Thank you so much!👏👏👏😊
Thank you so much everyone for all the lovely comments here. I truly appreciate it.

To Nanade.....I'm sorry I can't teach you how to make it. It's a trade secret hehehe! ;)
Nanade said…
Ok, no problem! I'm your works big fan! See you around and thanks for your answer!😊👏👏👏👏

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