Hand-bound book for swap

Here's a close up detail of the hand-bound book I made for the craft gathering swap I attended in February. It's a small book....A6 in size and I did a French stitch binding for it. My favourite type of binding method at the moment ;).

I didn't have enough time to decorate much for the cover. So I just used a simple way of embellishing it which was to use a pattern paper that has a crowded design and glued a piece of ribbon,  a piece of die-cut scallop felt and some embellishments that I got from Wholeport.

You can get the embellishments from Wholeport at the weblinks below:

1. Flower resin

2. Decorative Wooden Ring

I love making small notebooks like this. It's so cute and I love making them as gifts or for swaps. Because the receiver can use it instead of just admiring it. It's functional so to speak :).


CC said…
This is so beautiful! Your work is so precise, & your choice of materials is wonderful! Love to see everything you do!
Ciao, bella!
erica oneil said…
I love the look of your hand bound books. Could you do a tutorial on making them. Yours are truly beautiful and unique. Thank you.

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