Making books books and more books

This is what I've been up to for the past few weeks....aside from preparing stocks for my quilling supplies. It's quite evident that I'm really hooked on book binding. It has completely taken over the card making activities! Yikes!!!





I think this multicoloured paper notebook is my favourite so far coz it's so colourful! So bright and cheerful to look at too. It would be nice to make the pages colourful by choosing the colours that would match the same colours available on the book cover.


All the books above are A5 sized books and have 200 pages each. I used 80gsm paper as they are easy to work with and suitable to use for making notebooks. I used to have problems in choosing the right type of thread for sewing the books but now I don't have that issue anymore. I love the threads I'm using now and it's very smooth and does not get entangled as much as the other types I've used before.

I also started collecting a lot of wrapping paper for the book covers. It can get a little carried away coz there's just so many nice ones to choose from. ;)

I've managed to sell some of the books and given away some as gifts too. It's been a real joy to do it. I've even tried to make smaller hand-bound books that are A6 size and that's really fun too. It's takes less time to get done and is super cute to see and hold. Will blog about that soon. ;)


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
wow...they are so cute an adorable too...kak lin...i love the colors notes too...but i like the cover with the circle image more...hehehe...retro...and i love the one that has ribbon binding...thumb up always to Kak Lin...tikes....dont let the cards making down...i always love ur craft...any cratf...coz u r so amazing about them...craft i means...
CC said…
Lin! You have so many talents! And you sure picked up on book binding quickly! WOW! So how do people get in touch with you if they want to buy your books? Or are you only doing commissions? Send me an email when you have time...if you ever do! LOL!
Love you! ♥
Anonymous said…
Mashallah, stitching is double job, great work!! I found your quilling tutorials and needed blog, so here I am following the blog,

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