Small photo frame on hand-bound book


A sweet little girl named Jaja got very good results for her UPSR recently, yes you've guessed it, she got 5As... and she's the one who is getting this Japanese hand-bound book from me. I didn't know what to give her as a gift and suddenly I thought of making this book for her. I'm sure she has never seen a hand-bound book before. I hope she will like my surprise gift! hehe!

I made it so fast since I didn't have a lot of time to spend on the it's not as neat as I wanted it to be. I also added too many paper for the book and it looks so thick. On the bright side, there's plenty of paper for her to write on! hehe! I love the idea of mixing different colour paper in one book but for this one I only used soft pink and white to suit the wrapping paper that I used for the cover.

I gotta admit, I just love sewing the book with the ribbons and decorating it with those white pearls. It's so much fun.....but decorating it more on such a small space is kinda difficult......I had a hard time figuring out what to put on the book....until I came up with the idea of putting a photo frame on it. She can put a photo of herself there. I'm sure she would love that.

I have hand-book fever now....made two of them yesterday in a rush....and quickly had to continue with my other work at hand. Making books can only be a part time thingy for now....hopefully I can make more in future if I can find the time to do so.......will blog about the other hand-bound books I made soon. One of them will be given as a gift in my next blog giveaway ;).


kunda said…
WOW!!! This is awesome...loved the cute hearts on your project...and the theme itself is so lovely:)
Super like work

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