Purple and black combination


When it comes to designing a card for a guy, I would be soooooo worried that I won't be able to design something that a guy would like. Because most of my designs are so girlish...so I just might somehow make it look girlish in the end but I think for this card, it's a combination of both. 

I was given permission by my customer to design it any way I like although the choice for the main colour is fixed which is purple and black. I think this is the first time I'm using this combination. Tough!! I was also given the permission to put hearts here and there to show some love to the receiver. I didn't have any pattern paper in purple and black so I designed the patterns myself by using stripe black and white ribbons and some tight coils (been a while since I did any quilling by the way hehehe) and some strips of thick black and white paper. What I love most is the background paper I used to decorate the card with...which is three types of purple colour paper. Only added white colour paper as a supporting colour for the purple and black paper. I thought that it was suitable. What do you think? ;)

One thing new with this card is that I added some distress ink for all the paper I used to decorate the card with. Luckily the brownish distress ink match perfectly with purple! Lucky me since I don't have a lot of choice of distress ink available in my collection to play with. I loved how the effect of the distress ink makes such a huge difference in the whole look of the card. Another new thing is that I used glittered foams to make wordings for the card. The black glittered foam alphabets really stands out and so does the purple foam glittered lace heart. I really love the effect! 

Oh! And yes, I love love love the new type of thread I used for sewing on the paper for the card. It's an embroidery thread I got from Wholeport. I received lots of different colours of embroidery thread from them and I just love how shiny the thread is and how easy it is to sew on paper with it. I would definitely use more of it for my cardmaking projects :).


Shylaa Shree said…
Such a beautiful card and pretty colours noor
Gayatri B said…
Too good and thread work is awesome
Julia Lulula said…
Marvelous Work and a stunning color combination.

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