I love you said the little birds



The cards I made here are similar to the design I made some time ago which you can view at the link HERE. Everything in the design is the same except that the wordings is changed from 'I miss you' to I love you'. Upon request from my customer, I did this new one and I gotta say that I love the effect of the distress ink I did on this new one. I've gotten a little better with the technique compared to the one I did before which was sooooooo messy....hehehe.

I didn't have time to blog about these cards earlier this month. Been so busy with work. Still am now huhuhu. Hopefully I can have more time to make cards and other crafts. Most of the time now I am busy with work related to craft tools and materials for sale. It's been taking a lot of my time off from creating. I miss creating :(. I didn't even have time to do a blog giveaway this month. Still working on that.....will combine it with the December giveaway somehow. 

I keep wondering whether the time flew so fast lately or I'm getting slower and slower....go figure hehehehe!! ;)


kunda said…
WOW!!! this is a super duper cute birdie card
Grace to You said…
Wow, Lin - I LOVE these cards, esp the darker one! Your customer is going to be thrilled!!

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