A birthday card from Sandi ;)

I just wanted to share with everyone today a birthday card I received yesterday from a dear friend of mine, Sandi Staley. I can't help it, I just had to feature it here because it's different from the cards I've seen before.

Although it looks very simple, but I love the colours she had chosen for the card.....it's definitely her favourite choice of colours.....she loves earthy tones. I like her idea of using 2 pieces of thick card stock and binding them together using those big silver brads. I've never done something like this before but it would be nice to give it a try because when you open the card, it kinda reminds me of a book :).

I also like the paper leaves she used to decorate the card with....I think she used a special kind of paper that has shiny texture on it. Love that. I'm wondering what kind of glue she used to paste the paper leaves on the metal sheet. I gotta ask her about that! ehehe!

The use of distress ink is also visible at the sides of the card and also for the paper inlaid inside the card. She didn't blend the ink at the sides of the paper but rather just dabbed the sides of it for contrast. I like that!

Thank you dear Sandi! I've always been a fan of your handmade cards ;)


Hridya said…
lovely card.. lucky to have such friends :) btw when was ur birthday? if we blog followers missed it, here's wishing you a very happy birthday (belated)
Peter Phillips said…
The card that you have received is really awesome and is looking great. I will definitely try to make it at my own. Thanks for sharing the unique paper crafting idea.
Grace to You said…
Wow, Lin, your photography makes that card look so good! :) I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you had a very happy birthday!

The paper leaves are actually stickers, so I didn't have to use any adhesive on it (which would have been difficult on the slender stems). I wish I could remember what brand the stickers were but I can't...if I run across the package while unpacking my art supplies I'll let you know.

You mentioned the distress inks I used on the edges...I've been meaning to ask you how you blend the ink when you distress the edges? It's beautiful, but I wonder if I'd be able to do it. All I do is rub the ink pad along the edge of the paper - pretty simple. :)

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