August 2013 Blog Giveaway

OK!! Here we go! The 8th giveaway for this year is now here. I've been cracking my head since yesterday on what to give away and finally these are the items that I came up with. Hope you all like them. The list of things to be given away are as follows:

1. 8 different types of fancy pattern ribbons.
2. 6 pieces of paper that were cut and shaped using Martha Stewart's craft punch.
3. 10 pieces of doily paper.
4. 5 packs of multicolour shredded quilling paper.
5. One mini circle template.
6. One no slot quilling tool. (Similar to needle quilling tool)

You can try your luck at winning these items by entering the giveaway simply by following the easy instructions below:

1. Everyone is eligible to enter. I accept local and international entries.
2. You have to promote my giveaway at your site, whether it's at your blog or at your Facebook.....or at any site that you can promote it, as long as you put the link of this giveaway and the photo of it at your site.
3. After you have put the photo and link at your site, copy and paste the link at Mr Linky below. Be sure to write your name there too.
4. For bloggers, please follow my blog and for Facebookers, please "LIKE" my page at the link HERE

This giveaway starts today and ends at 12.00am on 1st of September 2013.


Shylaashree said…
loved everything, since u r very far from me,couldn't grab those.:)
thanks for the chance Noor
Shalu said…
Wow..lovely giveaway....posted it into my sidebar...Thanks for the chance.
shruti goel said…
This is reallyyyyy awesm giveway from u ......mouthwatering .... thnx for d chance.....have done ol.....shared on facebook, my blog .....already a fan on ur fb page :)
Milly Marine said…
really lovely giveaway! love the colourful ribbons... hmm.. wonder who would win!
Plz, plz give me these!!!
This is the first time I'm trying for blog giveaway.Your creations r awesome.
hope tuah milik saya..*blinkblink*
LeeNoraimy said…
SY DAH JOIN !!! (^_^)
Sahasra Recipes said…
Wonderful and shared on my wall.
Cik Fie said…
zafirah fadzlan said…
i love these. seriously!
Hridya said…
I want, I want hehe... love you Lin..
Misz Yue said…
join here!
ceadomile said…
Wow, I love quilling arts. I've not made anything yet, but I love to give it a try. Thanks for the chance of winning this marvelous variety package.
hugs ceadomile
Fit Kitty said…
What a lovely giveaway - thank you! I am already your follower and I have posted your candy on my blog (right-hand sidebar). Thank you for the chance to win your prize! Have a wonderful day!

KT Fit Kitty
Shalini Chandak said…
Posted on my facebook page. Thanks.
Cik Alynn said…
Hope luck always be with me .. InshaAllah...Amin
yang baik Ishak said…
join juga giveaway yang menarik ini...
Nethmi said…
Posted on my blog about the giveaway!
Anonymous said…
Wow! colorful giveaway!!
Done everything to be eligible..
Shared on Facebook as well as on Blogger :)

Thanks for the chance.

Noor Saba
piecesandpaper said…
I really love your blog..Its very inspirational..Thanks for everything...looking forward to see who wins it!!
Katarzyna Sobas said…
I fall in love with your blog! I also make quilling cards :)
Lovely candy,thanks for the chance.
Gr Elly.

Ps I have a candy too.
Kisah Nenot said…
nenot join :)
anime-drama said…
Thanks for this awesome giveaway.
sheetal said…
Oh dear...lovely giveaway...I hope i would get all these...Thanks for giving us chance.

Lovely giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win. I shared it on my blog (sidebar).

I am your follower.

Hugs from Brazil

Val Rodrigues
Suman Pandit said…
Hi Noor, I have been following you for long on the blog and FB. posted on my sidebar too, thanks for a chance.

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