Raya card 2013 #1


Ok, I would have to say that I'm a bit into making Swing cards lately ever since I made my first one last month. It's now becoming something I enjoy making in fact the only thing I love making nowadays hahahaha. Pity to all the other card layouts because all I care about now is making Swing cards. Not sure though how long this obsession is going to last though because I do get bored easily.....so we shall see.....ehehe!

If you are a regular here, you would know by now how much I love using Ketupat as part of my Raya card decorations. It's something that I always use for my Raya cards.....a must. It's difficult for me to let go of it. Although I am trying to use other subject matter......but somehow the Ketupat is something I always prefer from the very beginning.

I used the biggest sized ribbons I have in my collection to make the Ketupat for front design of the card. And I made tiny ones as decorations at the sides of it. After finishing the design, I realised how many Ketupat I used for this card.....quite many of them....perhaps too many. I don't know.....I'm just being very critical of my own design. You be the judge of it. I just create what I feel like creating at that moment in time. Sometimes, I don't even think......I just do what I feel is right.

Oh...forgot to mention about how much I love sewing on paper now.....I used to sew beads and sequins on paper so many years back and used them as decorations on paper. And now the interest is back and I just enjoy sewing paper so much. Kinda therapeutic. It just makes me so happy.....weird but true.

This is the first time for me to use the  die-cut alphabets on my handmade cards. Gosh....can't tell you how much I love arranging the alphabets on the card. It's fun! :)

The quilled oil lamps are actually some quilled shapes I made for my raya cards way back in 2010. I used to love making them so much. At that time I was still a newbie in quilling. :)

You can view how the card swing in motion in the video below.....do check it out ;)


Dzureen Darwis said…
kreatif nya :) cantik
AmeRodway said…
cantikkk sis.. sy msh x pndai nk kombinasi kn warna klo bt card.. trutama klo nk letak paper yg ada pattern... huhu
WhiteRacoon said…
Cool! Fabulous creation! Absolutely adorable checked squares! Love the colors and both sizes. Great design and lovely construction! Very cool!
Ayu Ikhwani said…
Cantiknye kak Lin!! Seryes~~ =)
gorgeous, love it !!!!
Du hast eine wunderschöne Karte gemacht. Wie hast du die Bänder verflochten?
Liebe Sonntagsgrüsse, Ulla
Renn Oyong said…
Hi Lin...I been following ur blog quite long enough and
usually I become silent reader and viewer..but dis time I just cant leave without dropping some comment here....

Thanks so much Lin, I learn a lot of things from ur blog and inspire by ur work.I hope dat more people can see ur amazing talent....:)
ch@ said…
pengsan kejap. kakLin, ianya sangat cantik. tak tercapai dek tangan hendak membuatnya. sudahla warnanya hijau. aish!
Hidayah Hamid said…
Beautiful work of art! Love it

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