Happy Anniversary


After making a few Swing cards lately with the basic type of squarish shape layout, I was dying to try out another pattern for it. In other words, I just wanted to move away from the squarish shape for a while and try something new like the one I made here......or perhaps do ovals, circles or other more interesting shapes for my future Swing cards.

I was also dying to try out the decoration tape I got from Wholeport and you can view how the tape looks like by clicking at the link HERE. You can see at the photo here the decoration tape which I pasted at the side of the card. Love how it shines when it hits the light.

This is definitely a fun card to make and I had a great time playing with the die-cut frills which I cut and pasted for the front design and also for the inside of the card. I just love experimenting on how it can be used as part of the decoration. There's just so many things that can be done with them.

It's been a while since I last made an anniversary card. So it's nice to be able to make one again. ;) You can view how the card opens up and swings in motion at the video below. Do check it out :)


Pritesh Dagur said…
Beautiful! The swirls in embossed gold are just amazing!
love the gold swirls to, like this type of swing card, love it !!!!
Renn Oyong said…
Love it so much :)
Auch diese Karte ist wieder Zauberhaft!
Liebe GrĂ¼sse, Ulla
tenku butang said…
Suka blog ni.. keratif.. cantikk..
hai.. salam kenal,
follower no.2080
done follow sini,
jom follow teman yea yunk..=)

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Beautiful card.
Gr Elly
Gorgeous card. Love the red.
sandeep k said…
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Sonia said…
Hi my dearest friend:)
I come back from the vacations with my daughter, how are you? I saw Your last creations, all Wonderful as always and This is Adorable:))
Big hug and happy weekend:)
benny parker said…
anniversaries are an time to rejoice and as well a moment to memorize, really it's beautiful and looks so pretty, thank you for such wonderful greeting card shared by you.

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