The new LOVE card

V057 (NEW)

This is actually a Love Theme card design I made in June, can view the design at the link HERE. I made it once and never made another one again until recently when someone requested it from me. A lot of people have been asking me to make this card for them but I was always declining their requests. The only reason why I never made ready made stocks of this card at that time was because the quilling of the alphabets was a bit difficult for me to do as I'm not an expert in quilling alphabets and of course the pop up heart inside the card was super difficult for me to do as well.

But still I decided to take the challenge this time around and give it a go and surprisingly I managed to find a way to do it. It turned out to be quite easy this time around. It's a miracle that I managed to do it honestly. I finally figured out how to make the pop up heart from scratch. Before this, I traced the free pattern I got from the internet and it was quite small in size and I was not able to make it any bigger. But now, I know how to make it in different sizes! That's cool! So I changed the size of the pop up heart for this card and made it slightly bigger than the original and made some changes in the decorations as well on the pop up heart. I now like the new look better than the old one :).

Even the quilled alphabets was a miracle for me because before this I had to use sewing pins to make the shapes of the alphablets but now I can just glue the strips of paper straight on the card and form the alphabets. You can see from the photos below how I tried to do it. The photos are not that I used my hand phone to take photos of the process. I still find it very difficult to make but at least now I'm hopeful :).

Here's a video of the card for you to see and get a closer look at how the heart pops up inside. :)


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
i really admire this card kak lin...for the first time i saw it on ur blog...i like the white rose on the top...and the popup heart shape are cute...
Baukje said…
beautiful all your work is beautiful!!
Greetings Baukje
Beautiful creationa.Love it.
Gr Elly
the inside looks hard to make, love the rose placed in the center of O, the letters are awesome :)

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