My first Swing card


This is the first time ever for me to make my own Swing card. Some call it the Swivel card, some call it the Flip Flop card.......but I guess the name Swing card is the most commonly used among the card makers. Basically because the middle part of the card swings in motion when we open the card.

I really love how the middle part of the card swings in motion the minute I open it. I guess that's the main reason why I was attracted to the card and decided to experiment with it. It took me a while to decide on the measurements and fixed one that I was happy with.

This card is for a customer who requested me to make a birthday card for a 1 one year old boy who will be celebrating his 1st birthday soon. So I thought it would be fun to use this card layout for his birthday card. I'm sure he would love looking at the card swinging back and forth. It would cheer him up definitely :).

I love playing with the sponge stickers too! I bought them quite a while ago for me to use on birthday cards and for new baby cards. Glad that I can use them for this card design. :) Played with my clear stamps as well. Stamping those star patterns on the front design and creating my own pattern paper for it was fun! 

I also uploaded a video of the card on Youtube so that you can see how the card swings. Do check it out :).


Diese Karte finde ich einfach Wunderschün!!!
Liebe Grüsse, Ulla
really adorable card, like the swing part on it !!!!
Sonia said…
Just gorgeous creation my dear friend^_^
Adorable funnt images^_^
Happy Sunday and big hug,
Grace to You said…
Lin, this is so awesome!! I've never seen a card like this and I love, love, love it! Well done!!
Jasbin Clark said…
Awesome, Good creativity. First time I have seen this type of cards. You can can check online wedding cards also. I hope this is useful for you.
Jasbin Clark said…
This is good and unique design cards, I have never seen before. You acn check online wedding cards shop in Pune, This is famous online cards shop. I like your innovative cards also.
DoodleDesign said…
This is so cool! Sukaaaa :)
Beautiful card.
Gr Elly
Anonymous said…
Swing cards are great idea for kids . Have you tried standing pop up cards, i find them cool too. :))

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