June 2013 Blog Giveaway

Hello again everyone!

June is finally here! Aren't you excited to welcome the new month? I am! :)

For June 2013 Blog Giveaway I decided to share with you some of my die-cut patterns by giving away some of the die cuts that you can view above....I don't have a lot of them right now in my collection....just a few. I also would like to give away some cardstock that are embossed with some of my embossing folders. There are three different types of embossed of patterns that I would like to share with the winner. Plus a broad ribbon from Wholeport and some colourful buttons! :) You can use them to embellish your cards, bookmarks, scrapbooks etc. All up to your imagination and creativity :).

You can try your luck at winning all these goodies by entering my blog giveaway....and it's super easy to enter. Just follow the instructions below:

1. Everyone is eligible to enter. I accept local and international entries.
2. Promote my blog giveaway link at your site......either at your blog, facebook etc...be sure to show the photo of the giveaway as well.
3. Copy the link of where you promoted my blog giveaway and paste it at Mr Linky below and don't forget to write your name there too.
4. Please follow my blog and fan page too.

This blog giveaway starts now and ends at 12.00am on 1st of July 2013.


Salam Lin :) Nad dah join ye..
Anonymous said…
This is so adorable! I already know what I could make of it! ^_^ <3
hi kak lin....i'm very glad to receive your april blog give away and even more excited to see june's give away....
hi kak lin...i'm very happy to receive your april blog give away and even more excited to see june's give away...trying my luck this time too...thank you kak lin..
Ernie said…
Delete no 6 and 7 them are wrong, sorry for the mistsakes. I love your quilling on YouTube topp. You have teamleder me a lit. Thanh you so much. Love from Norway
Kavitha Vadhri said…
wow lovely lin, thanks for the chance. posted on my blogside bar. www.snapkavi.blogspot.com

kavitha vadhri
Lovely candy
Thanks for a new chance to win.
Gr Elly

Ps I have a blogcandy.
I want all of it please. There is no place here to buy such lovely things. I love them all. Thanks
heirizalieyana said…
Lovely candy Lin.
Thank u :)
dino said…
salam.. i love crafts. tp newbie kat blog KakLin... btw saya suka semua hasil tgn akak :)

i joined this giveaway~ :D
Anys Hazwanie said…
Hanis pon join! =)
misse nadh said…
Cik Fie said…
Leods said…
Adorable...I can see your creativity here ^^ I'll promise to visit ur blog again..GTG
Colourful Hands said…
Joined this give awya... hope i win!!! :D
Nur Hidayah said…
Name: Slađana Sušilović
FB: Slađana Sušilović
GFC: sladana.susilovic
email: sladana.susilovic@gmail.com
share: https://twitter.com/ssusilovic/status/341513707836293120
https://www.facebook.com/sailaja.damodaran?ref=tn_tnmn promoted on my facebook wall
annur_islam said…
Rose Angeline said…
I posted the link in my blog's sidebar Lin.. Very exited to participate in your blog giveaway for the first time :)
kunda said…
Hi Lin
I have created a post of ur giveaway but made a small mistake...wud u mind cancelling no 58 or doing the needful as I did the wrong linking there:(
U have a lovely give away out there ...Thanks for a chance to win...
Ivana Pesic said…
Lovely giveaway!!!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous & fun give away items!!! I would love to win these!
Monia Fioletowa said…
Sweet giveaway ;) Kisses from Poland ;)
sheetal said…
wish me luck...I love this!!!
Janvi Shinde said…
This is the first giveaway of yours that I am participating. So looking forward to win it. I just love your give away. Thanks for giving chance to win.
Tarvina Jogani said…
followed the steps
Great stuffs for giveawayy!!
I would love to experiment with these..
Fingers Crossed!!
Tarvina Jogani said…
followed the steps
Lovely giveaway!!
Would love to experiment with these!!
Thanks for the chance to win
Fingers crossed
Marge Goh said…
What a generous giveaway Lin.
Love your work very much.
Hi, saya dah post entry mengenai give away anda dlm blog saya.
Link contest : http://chitty-boy.blogspot.com/2013/06/lin-handmade-greetings-card-june.html
Terima Kasih
Anonymous said…
hi, your blog is amaizing..
Thank you so much for your blog posts..
Ame Rodway said…
dh hmpir sebulan x jenguk blog sis.. this month rsa cepat je msa berlalu..sbb trlalu bz.. tba2 ari ni tergerak hti nk jenguk blog sis.. Like love card tu.. cantik sgt.. :) & terjumpa GA utk bulan ni..tgok date msh smpat nk join.. rugi kalau lepaskan peluang.. sy join ye.. :) semoga ada rezeki.. karya sis byk beri inpirasi.. likeee... ;)

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