Brown newspaper wrappers


A couple of months ago if I'm not mistaken I received some brown newspaper wrappers from Wholeport for me to play with. You can view the wrappers at the link HERE. I just love the pattern so much. I've been so busy with work, I didn't have time to experiment much these days. Don't get to make cards that much either. I miss experimenting with my craft materials.

I managed to get some free time yesterday to play with the wrappers and see what I can come up with. As you can see....not much! LOL! I thought of making bookmarks for guys using the wrappers but one thing led to another and in the end, it became a decoration for a card instead hehehehe!

I was also playing with my new die-cut patterns. I love the oval shape label a lot. Been wanting to get one for a while now. It's super that I got them now. I used to cut them up myself but of course it's much easier to cut using the machine and it will always cut them up beautifully with many different sizes. The die-cut frills are nice too! A bit difficult to glue on the paper though because the shape is a bit difficult to handle but once I managed to find the right glue for it, it's great to play with.

Stitching the paper really did bring back lots of good old memories of sewing. I miss sewing a lot. It was nice to hold the needle again honestly. Love the effects it gives to the paper as well. Making those quilled roses using the wrappers were fun too. 

Distressing the paper with the distress ink was fun as well. I'm not good at doing it as I don't get to play with it that often. Not an expert in doing this at all. But I guess I'm getting better at it now that I was the first time I tried it. I don't have the blending tool yet. Just playing around with the makeup sponge is good enough for me right now. As long as I'm happy with the results, that's ok by me! ehehe!


great job sis..u so creative..well done..hope to be creative like u..
Anys Hazwanie said…
cantik dan unik.. =)

Pritesh Dagur said…
Simply GORGEOUS! Lin, this is just outstanding and what a great way to recycle!
Kavitha Vadhri said…
Beautiful lin,very inspiring as always
Beautiful card and lovely flowers.
Gr Elly
idea semulajadi said…
nak tanya, puncher yg hasilkan rama2 tu kat mana boleh beli ye?
Renn Oyong said…
Creative as usual....look simple but elegance!

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