Winner of April Blog Giveaway

First time ever I think......the winner goes to the first person who entered the giveaway! Wow! Cool!

The lucky winner is none other than Pathumavathy Ramanathan! Hope you can contact me as soon as you can with all your full details so that I can post you the gifts soon. :)

I already have something in mind to giveaway for May's blog giveaway.....hopefully I can post about it by tomorrow. I haven't been so active lately in creating or blogging. Been so busy with other projects and also I have not been well as most of you already know......I hate feeling sick all the time.....but that's how it is and I'm trying my best to get well and be active again.

Hopefully I can post some of the things I've been doing lately and share with you what I've done so far. Thank you so much to everyone who have been so supportive.....thank you for always visiting my blog and leaving your comments you all so much. :)



yang baik Ishak said…
tahniah kepada pemenang.

terfikir juga kalau ada 2 atau 3 pemenang...
Fizah said…
arghhh tak menang..hihi...tahniah pada pemenang!! =)
kunda said…
Pathumavathy Ramanathan congr888s:)
JaSSNaNi said…
congrats to the winner..
thank you very much kak ina...your blog is a great inspiration for me and I believe for everyone out there too..and thank you to all for your wishes.. I'm very excited to receive this give away....

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