Quilled flower arrangement for wedding


Another first attempt for me! Yes, this is the first time I had to make a quilled flower arrangement that will be pasted on a wedding guestbook. I was a bit unsure of doing this at first since it's not my favourite thing to do. But after much persuasion and thought, I decided to give it a try. At least once in my life, I would try to make one.

After accepting the offer, I had quite a hard time deciding on the type of flowers I would make. My customer did requested that the flowers be arranged around the rectangular board so that it would look like a frame and then add some wordings at the center of it. She also wanted the colour combination be all in pastel colours and all the wordings in brown colour. So all I had to do then was to decide on what type of flowers I would make.

I've done a lot of quilled Malaysian flowers and Husking flowers for my quilled frames before so I didn't want to do the same thing again for this one. After much thought I decided to make the Lovely loops flower. It's something I rarely make and it's quite difficult to make as well. It was a good challenge for me. And for the first time too, I made them in two different sizes.

Oh yes! This is also the first time for me to try make those chubby butterflies! ehehe! I love them! It was really fun to make them. I saw a tutorial on how to make them on Pinterest long time ago and been wanting to make them for so long now but been too busy to try them out. So I thought that this would be the best time to give it a try since my customer did request for me to make a couple of butterflies for the quilled flower arrangement.

If you would like to try and make those Lovely loops flower, you can view my video tutorial below on how to make them. ;)


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Its so cute....u r so creative....thanks for the tutorial....
dr.jaya said…
this is beautiful... i love the quilled flowers... gorgeous:)
Wow,gorgeous creation.
Great job.
Gr Elly
Thanks for your great tutorial.
Gr Elly
there gorgeous, and love the colors, all together awesome !!!!!
Linda w said…
This is beautiful Lin. I can't imagine the amount of time this took to create. And I just love those chubby butterflies. I need to learn how to make these. How about a butterfly video?

gettin' inky...
Dear Lin, with your knowledge and skill you could not go wrong! This is beautiful work! Thank you for another detailed tutorial!
Baukje said…
I love beautiful work of yours!
brilliant colors
Greetings Baukje
Shylaashree said…
beautiful flowers and colours dear
aida said…
Thank you for this tutorial!
Rose Angeline said…
pretty work Lin .. :) and thanks for your tutorials...
Beautiful, I am sure the couple adores this one
MargeGoh said…
Hello Lin, this is so pretty. Love your beautiful & neat work.
CC said…
So how did you do the lettering!? It's so pretty!
kunda said…
Awesome creation....n beautiful colours 2oo:)

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