Gift cards for school teachers

It's been a long long time since I last took any orders for gift cards. I thought I would never take orders to make them again but this time I had to because it's a special request from a special customer......who is actually my Mom's friend. LOL! Whenever it's for her friends, I can never say NO. ;)

So off I went to start on the project a couple of months ago. It's a lot of work.....120 pieces of gift cards to be made. I was lucky because I was given full freedom to design it anyway I like it and so I immediately thought of using the die cut patterns for this project since it's the easiest way to make the card look fancy in a short period of time.

I also wanted to use the quilling technique since my customer has never seen this technique before and I thought it would be great to introduce it to her and her fellow staffs in school since the gift cards are actually meant for the school teachers. So I just did a simple tear drop shape flower and some frills here and there with a couple of leaves to the design to make it look complete. It's a very simple design indeed.

I took photos that showed the progress of the gift cards I made from time to time.....from the early stages till the very end. I wished I had more time to make mass production of gift cards but sometimes it can bore me if I keep doing the same thing over and over again. So I will definitely try to avoid taking orders such as this any time soon. I prefer to be more inventive and creative in other types of card designs. I miss doing that. Haven't been doing it for the past 2 months now. Been so busy with other projects and also been pretty slow with work because of my ill health. I seriously hope I'll be feeling better in the next few months so that I can be more productive. I'm just glad that my customer is happy with the cards I made for her. It makes all the hard work worth the while. ;)


lee shin yee said…
hi :D may i know what kind of plain cardstock you are using..they looked pretty! :)
Rose Angeline said…
yes lots of hard work involed lin :) its wonderful to see the whole stock displayed :)
sometimes simple is beautiful, in this case they are, and who wouldnt love recieving one.
Hope you get to feeling better and your creations continue !!!!
Sonia said…
Good morning my dearest friend^_^
Just gorgeous creations^_^
Big big work^_^
Happy weekend,

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