Die-cut bookmarks

I've been wanting to make these bookmarks for a long time now. Ever since I bought that die cut label shape , I knew I wanted to use it for making bookmarks. The shape of the pattern was exactly what I wanted for my bookmarks.

I had the idea of using the wrapping paper I got from Wholeport to make the background for the bookmarks. I just love how it looks. This gives me more ideas of using the other pattern paper I have to make bookmarks such as this. I received a lot of  wrappping paper of the same design from Wholeport and I was thinking of what to make of them. And this was just perfect. 

A good friend of mine ordered these bookmarks from me to give to her close friends. I suggested that the bookmark should have some wordings at the back, that's why she chose the wordings you see at the back of the bookmark. She loved that one the most. I didn't have a lot of rubber stamps with wordings for her to choose though......I would have had to print some other wordings if she couldn't find anything that she liked. I really love stamping on those oval die cut label shapes. :)

I also had fun making those Teary loops flowers........first time for me to use them to decorate on my new project. I love making simple projects like these sometimes and it would be nice to make extra for me to keep and use as well. I like to have something nice in hand in case I need them to give away to friends or family. :)


Kavitha Vadhri said…
so very beautiful, loved the shape , color of the flower,obviously your quilling :)
lovely ,like the patterns and shape and nice flower !!!!
Donna Heber said…
Your die-cut bookmarks are so pretty!

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