Winner of August 2012 Blog Giveaway

The August 2012 Blog Giveaway is officially CLOSED! And the winner for the August 2012 Blog Giveaway IS ---------------> LUCKY NUMBER 94! MISS KAVITHA VADHRI ! 

Congratulations Miss Kavita Vadhri  for winning the craft products. Hope you can email me your full details so that I can post the craft products to you soon.

Thank you all who have participated in my giveaway.  132 participants altogether. Actually there were more people who participated in this giveaway but quite a few did not follow the instructions given therefore had to be deleted from the list. Really sorry about that. Thank you for all your support in entering my giveaway. Appreciate it very much! :)

I will be holding another giveaway for September, which is my most favourite month of the year hehehe...........will be blogging about it soon...... ;)


Kavitha Vadhri said…
Thanks a lot Azlina. I am thrilled. will soon mail you.

HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Congrat to the winner....

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