Pop up roses card


I got a request from my dear little sis to make a birthday card for her hubby. Although her hubby's birthday has already passed but she insisted that I make a birthday card for her dearest because she is still in confinement ( she just delivered a baby boy a few weeks ago)....and couldn't go out to get something that would be suitable for him. So I just couldn't say no to this one. Luckily I was given full freedom to design it anyway I like it except that she did made a little request and that was that the card has to be all white in colour because her hubby loves that colour so much and must have a bouquet of roses inside it.  Luckily I was allowed to add some silver to it as it is one of her favourite colour as well other than white. Hmmm looks like both wife and hubby has the same favourite colour...white! I love white too :).

I've never made pop up roses before so I didn't know how at first to make them. I'm not that good at drawing the flowers either. It was just a spontaneous thing and was very quick and easy rose design. The white vase pop up was something new for me to try as well from my pop up book. One of the easy pop up vases project that I tried to make from the book.

The wordings I made on the card were hand carved using a craft knife. It was a bit tricky to carve them because the paper I used were quite thick. Those white and silver paper were a gift from my dear friend Sandi Staley that I received some time ago. Love them so much! :) Have a look at the video below ;) 


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Congrat for the new nephew kak lin....the card is so lovely...im sure ur sister love it....love the combination of multiple white colors....i love the roses the most...specially when they move coz of the fan....ur art are really great...
gorgeous card, love the roses, and how you did the lettering is very nice!!!!!!
Sonia said…
Fabulous card Lin :)
Gorgeous details:)
Big hug,
Thank you so much everyone! Yup, I love it when the roses move when the wind blows too! hehe! And I love the letterings too...it was quite difficult to make but I'm so happy that my little sis loved it so much. Thanks again for all your support!! Appreciate it very much!

Lin <3

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