Stamping and quilling


I had been busy during the fasting month cleaning up my studio. It looked so darn messy for the past few months. I could barely walk around it as there were just too many stuff lying on the floor, on the table...there were just too many stuff everywhere! Such a mess. I wonder how I was able to work in such a condition sometimes. One day, I just couldn't take it anymore and had to get it all cleaned up and organized. Finally after a few days, I managed to get it done and was surprised to find things that I thought were lost.....well, I thought they were lost....but actually there were in the same studio....just hidden under loads of stuff that I had been piling up inside.

While I was cleaning the room and organizing some of my craft products, I felt a little guilty because I just realised that I have some craft products that I haven't even used. I bought some over the years and some that were given to me as gifts but I never got to use them. All kept nicely hidden in boxes and drawers. All forgotten. I guess it has something to do with my little obsession with quilling that took over everything. But now I think I should try to combine quilling with the other techniques or at least try to use those products that I bought so that it would not get spoiled over the years. 

That's how this new card design came about....coz I was thinking of using up all my rubber stamps and ink pads that I have in my collection. This card is a mini one...just a small cute card. I love making small cards these days. Perhaps coz it's faster to get them done...hehehe! So this is just a get warmed up :). I made a few of this card design to keep as stock. I need to make more stock for other occasions as well. Hope to keep this high spirit up for at least till the end of the year. So much to get done and experiment with! >.< wooohooooo!!


Pooja said…
Very cute card !The quilled teddy bear is wonderful !
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
I love the teddy....its cute....the color is so nice....ur craft always adorable...
Sonia said…
Fantastic cards my creative friend:) the little Teddy is so gorgeous:)
Big hug,
Oh thank you so much everyone! Love all your comments here...I'm happy to know that you all love the new card design as much as I do! ;)
Evita said…
That teddy has some cutenesss!!
Akhila Gona said…
Thats a cute card..Nice blog you have !!
Following you regularly.

Have a great day :)

madax1402 said…
Very funny and cute :-)))
Best regards!

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