Crochet theme raya cards

HR025 Red Horizontal

HR025 Red Vertical

HR025 Pink Horizontal

HR025 Pink Vertical

Pink and red crochet theme raya cards! It is just slightly smaller than the A6 size cards but slightly bigger than the mini ones I've made before :) hehe! I'm pretty excited about this design because this is the first time I get to use my Crochet pattern punch all over the page craft punch by Martha Stewart. It was a bit tricky to use it in the beginning but after practicing a few times, I managed to get it right! Yes!

I just thought that the pattern was suitable for raya cards as the pattern kinda resembled an Islamic pattern a bit hehe! Plus I get to use the crochet flowers that I made before too to match the crochet pattern paper! I haven't used them for quite some time so it was nice to be able to use them for my raya cards :). Gosh, I haven't crochet any flowers for so long! I wonder if I would still remember how to do it again LOL! :D

The envelope for the raya cards were handmade using the scoring board and I made box envelopes instead of the usual slim type. This is because the slim type would not be able to fit the crochet flower inside it nicely. But when I made the box envelope, it fits nicely and no bulging occurred when I sealed the card inside. Loving it :).


Sonia said…
Lin these Greeting cards are very elegant and gorgeous:)
Big hug dear friend,
Thank you so much Sonia!

Big hugs to you too! :)
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Wow...they are so cute...lobe the green card with pink flower...look so nice...
Master said…
you been really had goods collection ecards
kad raya kak lin semua cantiiiiiiiiik sgt!!!! suka!
Thank you Henrietta! :)I love the green and pink one too!

Thank you As!! Glad you like them all...hehe!! :)
Evu said…
I make a lot of these crochet flower embellishments. It was great to see the culmination of card making and crochet here
dhanalakshmi said…

In your blog you give most beautiful handmade greeting cards.In that beauties I mostly like the "crochet theme raya cards".It's looks simple and also cute.
Thank you so much everyone ;)XOXO

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