Welcome Baby Boy!


I was desperately in need of a handmade new baby card, "pronto"! And I had no cards available in my card collection for a baby boy. Arrghhhh! So I immediately thought of those fancy new baby stickers I bought recently that was bought for this type of situations when I can use them for making quick handmade cards! Thank God for these stickers! Seriously! :D

This card was made especially for a dear friend of mine who just gave birth to a cute little baby boy. I haven't had the chance to meet the cutie pie yet but soon I will, real soon! ;)

Because the front design of the card was a little too simple, I thought of complicating it by making a pop up for it, LOL! :D Nothing too fancy though....just a simple one.....so, I just made a simple square pop up and pasted more fancy stickers inside it. I especially love the part where I made the cute litte blue baby pajamas stand up like that. LOVE IT!

Do check out the video of the new baby pop up card below :)


Sonia said…
What a beautiful card Lin:) some lovely details:)
Jyoti Agrawal said…
How cute!! Stickers really helps us at times to make quick cards.
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Its so nice....love it kak lin....

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