Quilled sunflower birthday card


Yes....as you can see, it's another quilled sunflower theme....but this time I'm doing it on a birthday card instead of a paper frame. This order I got is also from the same person who ordered the quilled sunflower frame. She ordered 2 things...one frame and one card. I'm so happy that both are now ready for delivery ;). Took me such a long time to get it done due to my other obligations that I had to attend to. Nonetheless, I'm still glad that I managed to get the requests done in the end :).

I used the same quilled sunflower patterns for this card but the only difference is the way they are arranged on the card. I also made a minor change for the quilled lady bugs. If you look closely, I made an effort to use the tiniest dot that my craft punch was able to make and pasted it on the eyes of the ladybugs instead of making black dots using a black ink pen. And I also gave it a pair of antennas! hehe! I love the new look of the ladybugs. :)

I simply made a simple arrangement of sunflowers on the inside of the card using the weaving technique as a way to pop up the flowers. It's one of my favourite ways to pop up flowers :)

Do check out the video below of the card I made. You'll be able to see it closely how the card looks like on the outside and watch how the sunflowers pop up inside it :)


lavina agarwal said…
wow that is such a gorgeous card..love the pop up too!
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
its so beautiful...i love the way kak lin arrange the sun flowers on the card....and i love the waving popup sun flowers too....u r so creative and talented kak lin...
juraida johari said…
i love ur pop up too
Thank you so much Lavina, Henrietta and Juraida!! Happy to know that you girls love the pop up card as much as I do ;)

what imaginative work. love the pop up inside. well done.
Jyoti Agrawal said…
Gorgeous card. Refreshing!!
Sonia said…
Really gorgeous card Lin:) Love the sunflowers and ladybug:))
anys said…
cantiknya. kena belajaq byk2 dr kak lin nih. =)
Cheida_Mymee said…
besday card brapa lama boley dpt eak kalau nak oder..
For orders of handmade cards or frames....must order at least 3 or 4 months in advance

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