Iris folding





This is my new love. Iris folding......... :) While on leave, I decided to try out some techniques that I have been wanting to experiment on for a long time now.

Commonly, iris folding is done using folded pattern paper, but I had decided to use ribbons instead for my first try. Inspired by looking at images of iris folding handmade cards on the net and books, I just had to give it a go!

I have to admit, I do have quite a lot of ribbons available in my collection and I simply wanted to try out different craft techniques using ribbons. Iris folding is just one of the many ways I'm using to experiment with ribbons. 

The parcel design above is actually a design I used from a book I bought some time ago by Michelle Powell. There are many free design templates inside her book that I can use and experiment on. The instructions  in the book are pretty easy to follow and I can't wait to try out some more. Mind you, they are not "super easy" but reasonably easy enough for me to figure out and follow hehehehehe. I had to crack my head a bit in the beginning to do it but it's really worth the try and making it my own.

I made these cards for someone special......the soft pink one was given to her for her birthday, the other three are for her to give to whomever she wishes. :)

I do believe that the iris folding technique will be one of my favourite techniques to use for my handmade cards this year ;) Loving it!!


lulu_ma said…
I have that book too! But havent had the time to try it out yet! it's very clever of you to use ribbons to substitute paper! >_^
Candela said…
Niiiccceee!!! *go to search Michell Powel on Google straight away*
Sujana Sarath said…
Hey Lin,
Welcome back!!
Very pretty work...your idea of using ribbons had actually added classic beauty to the card..
hope u get time to make a tutorial for it....waiting for your video tutorial!!
Happy crafting;)
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
They are lovely....

Great idea to use ribbons instead of paper...looks good too...
Syaz said…
Santek..Love the colour combo..
fatinshah said…
i sent an email to you ina. pliss check it :)
Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments! Glad that you all like iris folding too! ;)
Fatin...akak dah reply lama dah laaaa....huhuhuhu
Sery Suryani said…
akak yg nie sgt2 lawa..
bila nk buat tutorial utk yg nie..?
Sery....tutorials for iris folding ada banyak kat YouTube....banyak sangat2...macam2 jenis shape can check it out :)
Wow...the cards are soo beautiful..i.m falling in love with this technique..looks so beautiful.and I love the combination of colours u used.

Thank you Quilltique give this technique a try! ;)

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