Shredding paper demo

So happy to meet one of my quilling students today, Remy Sunbae. Finally get to give him his mini paper shredder. He is one of the people who ordered the mini paper shredder from me. Since he is currently on a holiday, he is able to meet me and pick up the shredder from me himself. Otherwise he would be extremely busy with year student, you see :). 

So many have been asking me to get them this mini paper shredder for a long long time now. I've been searching high and low to get this product for them. Finally I managed to find one that is willing to sell them to me at a small quantity. So many other suppliers are not willing to do so and it's a burden for people like me to buy products such as this in large quantities. So I was really grateful to have found one that suits my needs.

Even though I don't have a lot of stock to sell for everyone but I'm happy that I managed to at least make some people happy with the limited stock that I had. I really hope to be able to help those who are in need of this product as I know how important it is to have it as a quiller. Especially for us quillers who can't afford to buy ready stock quilling paper that are so expensive. This mini paper shredder is a life saver indeed.

Me and Remy asked his brother Nuqman to take a video of me and Remy, while I do a simple demo on how to use the mini paper shredder. I was extremely nervous, I'll bet you can tell just by looking at my facial expression hehe. This is obviously my first time appearing fully on video, as before you could only see my hands in the video tutorials ahahahaha......I was speaking in Malay by the way.....sorry if some readers don't understand what I was saying. I was merely saying that I am showing how to shred the paper using the mini paper shredder. That's all that I said really.....nothing much.....coz I was too nervous to say anything else ahahahaha. I was much too shy for the camera LOL! :D. Perhaps when I have the time someday I can do a proper video on how to use the shredder. Been so busy lately, just don't have the time to do any videos huhuhuhu.....hope to do more in future! ;)


aziemisha said…
Lin, akak nk order satu lin!! ada lagi tk?..nk sgt2 ni..
aziemisha said…
lin, akak nk booking satu lin...bgtau mcmana nk bayar.
nice shredder, I'd love to find one that size, mine are very small, have to cut the sheet of paper into 3 strips then run them through the shredder.
Nice video!!!
smashlee said…
how much is the big shredder? pegi kt web tu xjmpe pn this item..
salam, kak lin

syazi juga nk satu paper sherder tahu cara
anggerik-rimba said…
salam kak lin...

ade lagi stok tak shredder tu?
kalau ade...nak order jugak..

by the way...remy tu nama penuhnya Rahimi ke? tgh study dkt UTM?
Anggerik rimba....ya, namanya Rahimi.. :) Yes, dia budak chemical engineering kat UTM... :)

Shredder tu dah out of stock....insya Allah nanti akan direstock semula...kalau serious nak order, please email me at
Candela said…
What paper is best for quilling?? Like what type/brand and how many grams?? I'd like to order one of that, but I am clueless about what paper to be used. Will you give me some suggestion??
import said…
What a lovely gift box to make beautiful items more beautiful.

Nissan GT-R
F Yusof said…
Salam sis, saya serius nak order kalau ada :)
Email me at for orders. :)
ieja said…
assalamualaikum kak lin..boleh lagi ke nak order shredder ni? really want it :'(
Maaf ye Ieja....akak dah tak jual lagi shredder ni.
Anonymous said…
kak lin, mana nk cari shredder ni lg?sy susah btoi nk cari...tolong kak lin...
Email akak email address

In shaa Allah akak leh tolong dapatkannya

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