Handmade paper boxes

What's my latest hobby?? Yes, you've guessed it! It's making handmade boxes! ;) I love making them using the Martha Stewart's scoring board. :)

Those handmade boxes that I made in the photos above are just for my own personal use. I was thinking that from now on wards, if I have something to give to my loved ones as gifts, I no longer need to wrap the gifts, if it's a small one. I can just make a handmade box to fit it in and decorate it with quilling designs or ribbons or foam shapes or anything that I can imagine on it! hehe! Besides, it's much more fun this way, it's a 2 in 1 wrapping concept. You get to pack the gift in a box and you also get to decorate it at the same time.  No need for wrapping paper. Cool! ;)

I've also made customized paper boxes for my quilling starter packs. It's now a lot easier for me to pack the quilling kit and mail them to my customers. Have a look at the photo below of the boxes I made for my starter packs! I can easily fit in a slotted quilling tool, a mini circle template and 5 packs of the multicolour paper inside each box.

I can make each box in just a few minutes and it's done. It's so easy making them using the Martha Stewart's scoring board. I also love the fact that the scoring board does not have a border on both sides. The border is only on one side of the board. So this means that if I ever wanna use a large piece of paper to score, it wouldn't be a problem since it doesn't have a border on the right side of the board that would be a bother when using a larger piece of paper.

I can easily customize the size of the boxes that I wish to make with the scoring board. I can make them any size I like. Big or small or medium size....short of tall.....it all depends on the size of paper I have available. So far, I'm only using the A4 size paper to make all the boxes. And it has to be thick otherwise it won't be suitable for making boxes. At least 220gsm type of paper.

I just love it coz now I no longer have problems packing my products for delivery as I can make my own boxes, customize the size to fit the items accordingly. The scoring board is the best tool for me to have right now and how I wish I had bought it sooner. It would surely have solved a lot of my packaging problems.  :)


Noor, these are SO perfect! A job very well executed! I see that your Scor-pal is being put to very effective use :)
Thank you so much Pritesh. :) Yes, the MS scoring board is wonderful....I just love using it so much....it's just so easy to use especially in making boxes and envelopes! Much to explore with it ;)
lulu_ma said…
Lin, i read on the internet that because the scoring lines of MS are very close to one another, so sometimes the bone folder will 'jump line'. Do you experience that when you use it?
Hi Lulu...
No...I don't have problems like that at all when using the MS scoring board. For me, it's very easy to use and as long as you place your bone folder correctly at the start of the scoring, you'll be fine. :)
Jyoti Agrawal said…
Ur boxes are just flawless. Perfect !
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
They are so sweet kak lin....cant wait for more photos...or tutorial....hehehe...love ur art work so much...
Thank you so much Jyoti and Henrietta! ;)
itsmedarling said…
hye dear!

i have the score board but i never had the chance to try making boxes. i only make paperfan :)

i am actually wondering how do u make the boxes that the measurement is not stated on the score board? it only stated for some measurement right? do u have any tutorials on that?
Hello :),

Actually I just custom made the box on my own....because after I tried using the measurements given at the score board, I can figure out how to do my own measurements. We can actually think of what size we like and just do it accordingly. I didn't learn it from YouTube or from any other tutorials, I just figured it out myself :). I myself haven't made any video tutorials on it yet.

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