Scoring board!

This is the new love of my life. The Martha Stewart Scoring Board! Yay! I'm totally obsessed with it currently and will forever will be happy with it because now I can make my own envelopes with much pleasure. No more feelings of tortured when making envelopes like before. I know I should have bought it sooner but as usual, money was always an issue. Yes yes yes.....another item in my wishlist taken off ;).

This scoring board can help me make envelopes, fan fold flowers, score cards, make small boxes plus anything else I can come up with using my imagination hehehe :D.

I just got this yesterday and been playing with it ever since. So much more to learn about how to use it. Luckily YouTube is always around to help. YouTube is the best online teacher I have or best craft teacher I ever had when it comes to learning about crafts really. :). It's easier to ask YouTube than asking someone to help me :) hahahaha!

I'm in a "perpetual bliss" mode ;).....lalalalalalalalalalalala.......


ijA said…
like so much..martha steward...
aureliaeugenia said…
Lucky girl,is it expensive?
Aureliaeugenia.....yes it is pretty expensive to buy...about RM100.00 excluding price of delivery.
Lucky you! Congratulations you have purchased it. Wishes are fulfilled in the end I guess
fayyza ideas said…
wah..beruntungnya lahai..skrg wishlist itu sudah berpindah ke fayyza ideas..hahaha!!
Nafisa81 said…
erk..apebenda kegunaanya nih lin??
Quilled paper paradise - Yup! Fulfilled indeed! ;)

Jaja! Beli beli, jangan tak beli! :D
Nafisa....Lin ada tulis kat post tu kegunaannya....sila baca ye :) Or google for more info :)
Avni said…
Congrats! The most amazing use of score board I have ever seen is to make an embossing effect with it. That looks so cool!
HeNRieTTa JoSe said… r creative...i know u can come out with ohsem design...
Maneka said…
hey it looks cool... see what you 've done LIn.....:(( now i want it tooo!!! :((
Hi,I love crafting.just like u!where. Can I get this thing
Avni...that's a great idea! I would have to give it a try too someday! Thanks!
Thank you Henrietta! :) get one!! It's a wonderful tool for crafters like us. A must have! can buy it at Scrap n Crop's website. :)
ema said…
salam.. kak lin beli online ek.. kat mana?
Kak Lin beli kat sini...tengok link ni:
shohwatulislam said…
waa,kak lin dah ade scoring board..suke nye..nak jugak 1..hehhe
izw ahm said…
Oh I've been looking for this scoring board. Thank you for posting this on your blog. A paper folder dream will come true.


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