Tiny loops flower

Would you like to know how I make these flowers? Do check out the tutorial I made below ;). 

This video tutorial shows how to make each petal of this flower. This is my first video by the way. I've never made one before in my life. I'm so happy that I finally get to do it this year. Hopefully I will be able to make more and more video tutorials for my readers this year ;).

I used one quilling strip to make the multiple loops petal and then wrapped around it half a strip of quilling paper to secure the shape of the petal.

After making 5 petals, you can join the petals like the ones you see above by gluing them together using white glue or polystyrene glue to make them look like the shape of a flower. Then you can add a small quilled tight circle in the middle of the flower to make it look more complete.

If you don't like the tear drop shape of the petal, you can pinch both ends of the petal to get a marquise shape petal.

So many of my readers have asked me to make this tutorial for such a long long time now but I never got the chance to do so earlier. I'm so happy now that I finally got the chance to share with my readers how I make these flowers. So this is the basic of how you can make this type of paper flower using quilling strips and a hair comb. Do give it a try! All the best!! ;)


Monica said…
Thanks for this tutorial. I have seen this type of flower and I didn't know hot to make it. Now that I know I have to try it.
Jyoti Agrawal said…
Wow . Thank you so much. Its of real use.
These are beautiful! Thanks for the excellent tutorial. Makes me feel like I could try it! I'm your newest follower!
Great tutorial Lin
I wondered how you did them :)
Thank you so much everyone! I'm so glad that this tutorial will benefit a lot of people. I'm glad that you want to give it a try as well. All the best!!
Lee Ann said…
The Tiny Loops Flower is amazing! Thank you very much for posting this and your blog is terrific! This is my first time to visit it....love it! :)
~~ Lee Ann H.
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Quyen Vo said…
It's so amazing!!!
Thankyou so much Lin! <3

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