Swap artworks with students

This was just a fun project that I proposed to my students sometime ago. I thought that after much learning about quilling, it would be great if we could swap our artworks with each other. There were no specific theme or concept. Freestyle!! So it was up to us to decide what we would give to each other. Each person had to prepare two artworks to swap with.

We had our meeting at a fast food restaurant today and had the swap session there. Although it was a bit rushed but I'm happy with my student's artwork as they tried so hard to come up with something creative for me. It's the effort that counts the most and I could see that they tried their best. None of us knew what each other was going to make and it was nerve wrecking waiting to see what each one of us made for today's swap. We were all afraid to show each other's work to each other hahaha.....it was so funny! We really didn't know what to expect! :D

But, I'm glad that each one of us came up with something different. I made quilled flower arrangements, Fauzan made quilled photo frames and Remy made quilled cards. So it's wonderful that each one of us got  different things. :)

For the first time ever I made something like this to give away. I've always been making cards and bookmarks but never done something that is A4 in size and suitable for framing. I've always wanted to do this and this was a great opportunity for me to give it a try. And I loved it. Thank God my students loved it too. I was a bit worried that they won't like what I made for them hhihihihi. I will blog and upload close up photos of my artwork in my next post :).

The artworks made by me, Fauzan and Remy :)

*This photo is taken from Remy Sunbae's album with permission

The two quilled photo frames above were handmade by Fauzan and the pink flower photo frame is mine now! ;)

*This photo is taken from Remy Sunbae's album with permission

The two cards above were handmade by Remy and the quilled heartshape card is mine now! ;) 

Thank you Fauzan and Remy for making this swap session possible today. I really appreciate everything you guys did for me. You guys are awesome! Good job! Can't wait for our next project together! ;)


suhaila said…
Nice...love it....best nye kalau dpt swap artwork ngan kak Lin....
all the art I see here is awesome, very talented students !!!
Baukje said…
what have they done that pretty wonderful
Greetings Baukje
Crafty Diva's said…
waa bestnya dapat swap..

all the quilling very gojes la..
eiela said…
cantiknya.. saya try buat tapi tak berapa memuaskan la plak.
Sorana said…
simply amaizing!
aisyah kz said…
cantiknya..!!~ sy nk blaja ngn akk la..huhu..love tu very nice!!
Thank you so much everyone for all your lovely comments here ;) Thank you for visiting!!

Aisyah KZ....boleh jer kalau nak belajar dengan akak....come over to Alor Setar laaa hihihihi

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