3 tone flower bookmark

A simple bookmark made for my customer.........simple and sweet ;) Focusing more on the flower itself.....rather than on other things on the bookmark. So the flower is the first thing you would look at when you look at the bookmark.

I used the quilling comb technique for the leaves and flower.....can't help but be obsessed with that technique these days :).


Syaz said…
Ala tomel2 (Bace cam Afdlin Shaukin..Thehehehe)..
k@rin said…
wow, beautiful flower on your bookmark. Well done
Baukje said…
what a sweet and beautiful card!
Greetings Baukje
lovely flower and butterfly !!!
Nágela said…
Beautiful works!
PS: Please turn off the word verification. Blogger is Asking For double word verification and it is getting a bit crazy typing it all, give up that comment.
Sylvia said…
I just love your work Kak Lin. Lovely.
Mary said…
great job! this bookmark is so cute!
nehal yousef said…
i love these flower and i will tray to do one

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