Malaysian flower Christmas card


I thought of only making one card design for Christmas this year but I just couldn't help myself but make another one for a dear friend of mine. I made the quilled Malaysian flowers a while back when I was so crazy about making Malaysian flowers hihihihi. I made a bunch of these Malaysian flowers in red colour and I thought why not use them for this Christmas card design and so I did.

I loved the design of the Malaysian flower card I made before and I wanted to give it to my dear friend but the colours doesn't suit the occasion. So I made this new one instead and the colours are perfect for Christmas.

The card does not have a pop up inside. Just a plain white paper inserted inside for me to write in special wishes for my dear friend. I love using the corner punch to punch out the corners of the paper inside. Love the look so much :).

I haven't posted the Christmas cards I've made .....gosh I hope it will be able to arrive on time. I'm always late!! :S Yikes!!


k@rin said…
love it very much
Paula said…
Oaw, it's so beautiful... :)
Sathya said…
Loved the christmassy feel!!!!!!!!!!
So very nice card
So perfect! Down to the details of every single leaf twist!
Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments! Glad you all love this card so much ;)
Inna D. said…
Very beautiful as always!
neli said…
Цветята са много красиви!Поздрави!

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