A flower within a flower

I've been enjoying making quilled flowers pretty much lately, making lots and lots of them without any reasons...I just love making them during my spare time. Just yesterday I thought of making these flowers and I don't know what to call it but I love making it! hihi! I got the idea of doing this type of flower after I tried my hand at making the beehive flower recently. You see, instead of inserting the twisted strip of paper inside the petal, I decided to insert a quilled teardrop inside it. Super easy! Perhaps there are other quilling designers out there who have done this kind of design before, I'm not really sure but this is something I thought of when making those beehive flowers. I just wanted to insert whatever I can inside the flower and the easiest for me to do at the time was to insert the quilled teardrop :).

You can insert a quilled marquis or a tight quilled coil or a loose quilled coil or whatever you think is nice inside the petal. The other difference is that I made the petal extra thick compared to the beehive petal. You can see the difference in thickness and in size as well. These flowers are a lot less smaller than the beehive flowers I made.

The flower kinda looks like there is a flower within a flower hihihi. Noticed that? I love it. I made the petals using the quilling comb. This way I can decide what size I wish to make for the petals. You can see the difference in size for the two flowers I made at the photo at the top. Those who own a quilling comb can give this technique a try. Just try it, it's super easy! ;) 


Mama Mirza said…
nice.. dan memberi idea baru untuk terus mengquilling.. hehe..
Philippa said…
These look great - I really like the effect of placing coils within open ring petals. Apparently this is how quilling used to be done in 19th century England (a subject I've been reading about lately). They used to call it Mosaicon, creating quilled flowers like yours to decorate picture frames and boxes. I think these flowers are lovely.
Kavya N said…
These flowers are super easy and cute to make..... I have made them sometime back..……
Nice work!!
These look so pretty Noor. I can't wait for these to go into a card (you always spin magic with your cards!).....and I am so jealous you have a quilling comb! :(
Sery Suryani said…
nice sgt kak lin..=)
I think you just put a name to it, flower within a flower, What a neat idea, it looks awesome, and simple, my kinda flower,lol!!!
Aduh, ni yang buat Mush nak berkejo ke One Utama beli comb ni..
Ptv Agri said…
This is unique idea and also you can make this with ruler for petal size thanks for sharing this idea and tutorials also.

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