Brown and purple



I'm not sure how many times I've done this design. So many many many times so many different colours too. This time I'm doing it in two other different colours. One in brown and the other in purple. Love both cards as the paper is metallic....shines when it hits the light :).

Usually this design comes with a pop up inside but for this two I didn't make any. Just a paper inserted inside the card for writing in special wishes. It's been a while as well for me to make quilled hearts. Combining few colours in one heart. Used to love doing that a lot last year. :)

These two cards are actually for a dear aunt of mine who ordered these birthday cards for her dear sons. Hope she likes it :).


very nice, love the purple one ,as purple is my favorite!!!
Owh now I know your favourite colour! hihi! Thank you Paula! ;)
Arissa.Adni said…
Salam, Kak Lin,
Mana Kak Lin beli stock card ye..cantik2 semuanya... berapa gsm Kak Lin pakai utk design kt atas ni..
Ada yg akak beli kat KL dan ada yg akak beli kt stationery shops kat Alor Setar jer. Kebanyakan stationery shops ada jual kertas camni...yg akak guna ni 230gsm.

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