The Beehive technique

I'm so excited!! I just wanted to share something today with everyone, something that I found out about yesterday. It's a new quilling technique called "The Beehive" which I found out from my fellow quilling blogger friend Pritesh Ananth Krishnan from Quilling Me Softly. She shared the video tutorial on her Facebook. I checked it out and I'm so loving it now! Yes! It's actually a new technique of quilling invented by Miss Susan from Susan Quilling Cards. Do check out her blog at the link for more designs of Beehive quilling technique that she shares at her blog. They are all so beautiful! It's just so inspiring to see all her artwork. I just had to give it a try myself last night and it worked! Pritesh's video tutorial was easy to follow. Check out her video tutorial at her blog.

When I first gave it a try I find that it was kinda tricky at first to put the quilled yellow part inside the orange quilled petal. Gotta be careful so that it doesn't get pinched so bad when I try to squeeze it all inside the petal. The twisted yellow paper was done just by using the slotted quilling tool. But I have to say it's so fun to make this flower. Definitely can be very addictive too! hihi!

The length of the quilling paper that I used for the petal is 29.7cm and the same goes for the twisted yellow paper inside the petal. I haven't tried to make them in smaller sizes though. Will try to make the petals smaller and see how it turns out. Because the one I made here is pretty big in size as you can see from the photo above where I placed the flower on my hand. :)

I haven't the time to make a card using this flower yet. No time to do so right now. I just love making different types of flowers lately but not so much in the mood of making the cards....hehehe *so lazy*.....just enjoy the process of making the flowers.....lots and lots of flowers. ;) Hope you'll give it a try too this coming weekend!! It's fun!! :D


Anonymous said…
nice la kak
Gorgeous, I've just made some to, mine look more like the Royal flower and there with 6 petals!!
Mama Mirza said…
memang cantik.. nak kena try nih technique nih..
Thank you everyone!

Paula, I must check out your flowers!

Mirza...yes, you must give it a try!
SUSAN said…
Ina, your flower so beautiful. You did this technique very well....congrats....

Thanks for trying...happy quilling

Sery Suryani said…
cantik sgt2..
nk try jgak..
Susan...thank you so much for visiting and the lovely comments! Thank you for inspiring me so much! :)

Sery...thank you dear :)
Neha said…
Beutiful.. I will try this.. its really different idea :)
Baukje said…
Congratulations with this beautiful creation!
Merry Christmas
Greetings Baukje

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