A tri-shutter card with pop up!


At last......it's done. And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :) I never thought that what my customer suggested to me would actually work out in the end. I think sometimes my own customer has more faith in me that I do with myself. She actually believed that I could do it even though I didn't in the beginning. And sure enough I did it. And I have her to thank for this. If it wasn't for her, I don't think I would have done it at all. So, thank you so much Sharifah, for believing in me ;).

If you are wondering what I'm talking about, I was actually referring to the pop up inside the tri-shutter card. It's a simple pop up. Much simpler than the one my customer requested in the beginning. When I told her I couldn't deliver what she requested, she then told me to just make simple one as long as there is a pop up inside it. So, I did a simple pop up, with a slight difference from my usual heart shape pop up. I did a cut out at the heart shape itself and added a couple of small hand cut heart shapes on it. All the heart shapes inside the tri-shutter card are hand cut by yours truly, including the foam hearts. :)

My customer loved my AC007 card, especially the foam hearts on it, so that's why I added them to this card but I chose a different colour for each foam heart and added gold and silver glitter glue on them to make them look fancy :).

This card has an Indian influence in it. That's why the I've chosen the these types of colour and patterned paper for it. It suits the occasion and gives it the touch of Indian fashion and design to it. I added those gold coloured sequins on the patterned paper. It seems to fit just nicely on it. I love the effect it gives. :)

I would have thank my dear friend Sandi for these patterned paper. She gave them to me for my birthday and I just had to use them for this custom order that I thought suited it perfectly. So, looks like I can't make the exact same design anymore because this paper is limited. Thus making this card a one of a kind. I won't be able to make another one just like it......... :)


Really awsome, love the colors and patterns!!!
Sathya said…
So lovely card..Especially the color combo. The combination of tri-shutter and pop up is great

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! Glad you girls love the new trishutter card ;)
beautifulLIFE said…

I baru browse u punya blog..and i love ur cards!!bila i baca about u..teringat masa zaman skolah loved to do my own greeting cards..tp sekarang dah keje+kawin bz memanjang..so dah tak buat dah...Keep on creating ya..! :)
Sara said…
Congratulations for your creations and your blog! I have recently started to create my own greeting cards and my blog and just born, but soon I hope to show many other projects! Greetings from Italy, Sara www.intaglidautore.blogspot.com
Beautiful Life...thank you so much!

Sara....I love your blog...I've linked it to mine. Your pop up cards are gorgeous!! Congrats to you too!!
Charity Cards said…
This is an amazing greeting card - truly. The folds and movement of the card is awesome!
Dr Sonia S V said…
So glad you dropped in to my blog and decided to follow. I love your cards and style
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V
ana baik (^.^) said…
br jenguk balik blog nie setelah beberapa lama....baru tengok post nie...cantik sgt...suke sgt2...awesome!!!
Grace to You said…
Hey Lin!

I've had a nice break from blogging/blogs but I'm ready to get back in the water! :) I've enjoyed spending some time this evening getting caught up with your blogs and was so happy to come across this card...you did an amazing jobs with those papers...and I have more to send to you soon, if you don't mind. :)

love you,
Hi Sandi...you are super sweet!!! Of course I don't mind getting more pattern papers from you....it's a wonderful treat! Love them, as always... ;)

Love you & hugs,

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