Creating cascading loops's official....I'm addicted to using this quilling comb!! I've been combing these flowers non stop. I should stop and concentrate on finishing up my card orders! haha! I'm just super excited that's's like having a new toy and I just can't stop playing with it. I just found out another technique from the internet that I can do using the quilling comb and that's how it looks. I love it! Here's some more below. The one below is the one I tried making in the beginning and the one on top is the one I did later on. I got to make the petals in that shape just by pushing the ends of the petals inwards, thus making it broader in shape.

It's actually very very easy to do and I've taken some photos of how I made the petals. Have a look at them below. I hope you can understand how it is done just by looking at those step by step photos of the combing technique and try making the flowers yourself using the quilling comb :). You can also view this video tutorial I made on how to make these cascading loops. Do check it out! ;)





*As you can see at the photo above, every time I slip the quilling strips through the comb I would put some white glue at the bottom part so that each loop would stick at the ends and so the loops won't get loose easily.


The final result.......a petal.....which can also be turned into a leaf if you use green quilling strips. :)

I also tried to use two different sizes of petals in one flower and I used two different type of colours too. There is no limit to what we can do with this technique......we can also combine different colours in one petal too! I have yet to try that, but will do so soon! hihi! Below is the last flower I did for today. :) So happy!!


Dr Sonia S V said…
Such wonderful use you have put to your comb and Thank You so much for the steps!

So perfect, like how you pinched the ends, great job!!!
fAtrinA said…
Kak linnnn,
Tq for dis entry. Selama ni duk buat loop xmjadik pon :(. Baru tau apa gunanya comb hehe
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. I'm glad that the step by step tutorial is a good help for everyone. ;)
CC said…
Wow! You are going crazy with quilling! ;) I'm gonna read more if my computer doesn't go out. We're having a big wind/sand storm!
Love you!
kiddo said…
Very beautiful flowers! Love the orange colour, too:) And thanks for the tutorial! I was thinking if to buy or not a quilling comb, but now I will definitely buy one:)
Good for you kiddo! Hurry and get one now :)
Nicole said…
This is GREAT!!! Thank you!!! :D

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