Quilled cupcake & chocolate bookmarks

BM014 - (with pink cupcake)

BM014 - (with peach cupcake)
I've done quilled cupcakes before but never done any quilled chocolates and I love it hehehe! I just did 3 very simple different shapes of it in dark brown quilling strips. They look like dark chocolates! Yummy! :)

These bookmarks were a request from a customer of mine who makes and sells chocolates and cupcakes too. I get hungry just browsing her blog! hehe!


Your blog is AWESOME!!
Lovely designs and art work!!
Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments! :)
Ahya Ijja said…

Blog puan sungguh ceria. Handmade cards juga sangat awesome, kemas, dan sangat cantik!.

Boleh saya tanya, dimana hendak beli besi bulat untuk masukkan riben seperti dalam bookmark yang puan buat ini? Nampak sungguh kemas.


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