Miniature ketupat on cards


My one and only raya card designs this year is mainly based on the ketupat as the subject matter. In this case, they are miniature small as the 10 cents coin...hehehe. I used the smallest ribbon I have in my collection and made these teeny tiny ribbon ketupat and arranged them in the simplest way. 

The design is so simple. But I used pretty card stocks for the design to give it a really nice touch. One is a metallic white card stock and the other is metallic gold in colour. It's so difficult to get a really good quality white card stock around Alor Setar but I was lucky to find one recently and it's the only one left in stock at the shop! So I bought one whole rim of it! LOL!

The card is an A6 size card and I'll just put simple raya wishes inside it. This is for my own personal use. I think I'll have some time this year to send raya cards for my relatives and friends......well, I hope I'll be able to post them that I never seem to have the time to do so. :P

I have to make some for my Mom to use as well, she wants to send some raya cards to her friends......she's always looking forward to get free cards from me heheheeh...... :D Well, with simple designs like this, perhaps she can. ;)


Ann said…
These are really lovely cards!
Eenzy Beenzy said…
These are so cute! Super neat.
I love them!

Keep rocking!
Azilah said…
Comelnye Kak Lin !!
eifa90 said…
kak lin....cute sgt!!!
Thank you so much Ann, Paula, Shruti, Azilah and Eifa!! ;) Appreciate it so much!!
Nikita said…
Hi Alzina!!!

I've been following your work for quite sometime and it's beautiful and inspiring!! Just wanted to let you know that I have passed an award on to you at my blog. You can check it out at..


Adnan Said said…
salam kak.... mcm mana kak buat mini ketupat tu? ade tutorial x?
Meg said…
These would make wonderful birthday gifts. They are incredible.
Thank you so much Nikita for the blog award! Appreciate it so much!!
Adnan....akak belum terfikir nak buat tutorial lagi...takde masa lagi sekarang sorry..huhu
harry89 said…
This is a great example of home made creativity keep it up...
CC said…
Cool! We made something like this on Kaua'i using lauhala!
Ciao, bella!
Lynn Damya said…
wahhh comelnya...sgt kecik ok ketupat tu, hihi yelah dah nama pun miniature kan :D, tabah betul nak buat..comel !

Sy pon ade buat benda comel juga, jpm jenguk sini :

Tiny Polaroid Magnet :

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