Slotted paper quilling tool

Interested in a slotted paper quilling tool? Well, I have good news for everyone out there who are fans of quilling! I'm  now selling this quilling tool! :) It's about 12cm in length, with a brass needle slot and a plastic blue marble like pattern handle.

Honestly, I really love this quilling tool.!! It's definitely my favourite quilling tool now amongst my collection of quilling tools. It's so comfortable to use because of the long plastic handle and I really love the slotted part that is quite long in length compared to the one I bought when I first started to learn how to quill. It just makes quilling big coils of quilling paper a lot easier, in my personal opinion. The tight gap of the slot makes it easy for the quilling paper to stick and coil around it. No slips at all. Love it! :) I even decorated the quilling tool with a silver lining dark blue ribbon around the handle just to make it look a little prettier hehehe.

Below is a video tutorial that I made on how I use this slotted quilling tool. Do check it out ;)

So if you are interested to get this lovely quilling tool, do email me for details on how to purchase them at my email address:


fayyza ideas said…
cantek!! msti bertmbah smangat nak mnggulung.. :)
asma HazeLnut said…
kak lin..nanti bile stock yg ini sampai, kak lin bgtau saye
Thanks Fayyza! :)

Asma...ok sure, no problem. Nanti bila dah sampai akak akan inform ye...kat facebook nanti pun akak akan inform :)
nadia said…
if kat kedai biase yg jahit2 tu ada x???
nadia said…
if kat kedai biasa da jual x??
slalunye harga berape ek???
Nadia....kat kedai biasa takde jual slotted quilling tool ni. Kalau nak beli, boleh order dari Kak Lin :). Still banyak stock lagi ni :). Can email me at
Assalam...sis nk tany needle quilled jer ada jual x??brp ek??
Kak Lin tak jual needle quilling tool.....Kak Lin hanya jual slotted quilling tool.
fae zoe said…
still available ag x? how much per unit?
Fae Zoe...harganya RM15 satu...kalau nak order, just email me ya. TQ
Hi, is this tool still available?
Kak lin...nak beli tool ni... Wassap sy pls... 0134506909

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