A little update

Ever since I came back from my week long vacation, it has been all about work work work. Non stop action till now. At the photo above you can see what I'm currently working on.....it's some bookmarks with hand carved names on it and a tri shutter card....plus some other card orders that are long due for delivery. :S

Honestly, I'm still not fully recovered from the week long vacation ehehehe! I'm still in the vacation mood. :P. Trying my level best to cope with work and making sure things are running smoothly. Still, there are some minor hiccups here and there.

For instance, today, I got a call from Pos Malaysia asking me to collect a couple of Posexpress packages that I posted yesterday containing some quilling tools that my customer ordered from me. It seems that now the rules are more strict. No more are we allowed to post craft products using the Posexpress envelope or boxes.  We are only allowed to post items like letters or documents in Posexpress. So from now onwards, I won't be using the Posexpress anymore to delivery craft products.  Perhaps if I were to send cards, it is possible to post them using the Posexpress boxes. But still, I'm not taking any chances with the Posexpress envelopes. It's too risky. Looks like it's going to cost more for my customers when it comes to delivery because I have to use Poslaju  but at least it's safer. :)

For those interested to order my quilling tool, I'm sorry to inform you that it's already sold out. I'm now waiting for the new stock to arrive. Once they arrive I will be sure update everyone at my Facebook Fan Page. :)

Oh...when I was on vacation I did visited some craft shops in KL and one of them was Art Friend at Midvalley. Finally I get to visit the place! Thanks to a friend of mine who was kind enough to take me there :). It's huge and has so many kinds of craft and art stuff to explore. It's different from other craft store I've been to before. I think art students would love this place so much. I know I would if I was still studying....it's definitely heaven! :) 

I had a great time scouting out for new things in KL to experiment with. I also bought some books to learn some new techniques in paper crafting. Unfortunately, till now I haven't the time to go through them. Too busy with orders and stuff and no time to play with my new toys huhu. Hopefully I'll get around them soon. There is so much to do and time is pretty limited. But I'll be sure to try at least one project at a time before the year ends ;).


eiela said…
takpe kak lin ambil masa dulu. Nanti mesti best punyalah hasilnya.
Terima kasih Eiela hehehe :)Insyaallah...

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