Tool box 3

I've just finished making another batch of quilled items for my 3rd tool box yesterday. I think this will be the last tool box I'll be making because I need to concentrate on other projects in the next few months. Making these quilled items for the tool box is very very time consuming as you all know. And if I were to make another one, it will probably be for me hehe! Coz I would like one for myself as well haha! :D

It's a big relief to be able to get this tool box done and I am really in need of a holiday. I will be taking one soon next week and I'm just counting the days now. Been working non stop for two months straight and it's nice to take a long break for a while. Want to go hunt for new supplies as well. Visit new craft stores and feast my eyes with beautiful things hehe! Do fun stuff with friends too! :D
So I will be away till 4th of July and will resume back to work on the 5th. Have a good weekend everyone! ;)


Hussena said…
i love these tool boxes that you create,and i always wonder how u make them so perfect,it really must be time consuming!!!!!
Hi Hussena!
Yes, they are pretty time consuming to make. I usually concentrate on making them during my free time at night. It would take me at least a month to get them all done. So tiring! hehe!
You do Beautiful work, they all look so perfect!, enjoy your break, you desrve it!
farahD said…
Lin, brapa harga satu tool? can we choose the pattern?

email me
Thank you so much Paula! I can't wait to go on that vacation! Yay! :D

Farah....Lin dah email the price. Please check your mail ya. Tq!
kiddo said…
Lovely tools you make! Wish you a great holiday!
Sue said…
Salam Lin,
I stumbled upon your blog while blog walking. What a beautiful work you got there.I find it really inspiring. Keep it up.Love to see more of your work.
patenjihah said…
boleh tahu akak guna apa ya untuk buat benda2 comel ni? i mean what type of 'tali'? (haha tali ke? and nak bentukkan kena guna apa?

ingt nak try buat. hehe thx!
Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments on the tool box...I appreciate it very much!! ;) email me at for more details on how you can get the quilling supplies from me and start making your own quilled shapes soon! ;)
OMG! That box is my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iLiAiSyAhkaDir said…
assalamualaikum akak, nak tanye price per toolbox to brape ringgit yer?

email kan pada

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